[Dec/2022-Archive-Feb/2022 | Leadership] Extreme Ownership Notes


  • Leadership
  • Extreme Ownership – leaders must own everything, no one else to blame


  • Extreme Ownership – all responsibilities of success/failure on leader. Leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win.
  • If subordinates underperform, leader should first try to mentor them. But if cannot be improved, should fire and hire. 


  • When comes to standards, not what you preach, but what you tolerate
    • If substandard perf accepted and no one accountable, poor perf becomes the new standard


  • In order to convince and inspire others to follow & accomplish a mission, a leader must be a true believer in the mission.
  • Business Application: the boss vs. sales manager. Sales manager afraid to ask questions.


  • Checking your ego and have high degree of humility


  • Cover & Move – teamwork


  • Simplify as much as possible is crucial to success. Plans/Orders too complex – people don’t understand them


  • Prioritize & Execute – relax, look around, make a call
    • Focus on highest priority


  • Decentralized command
    • 4-5 operator with one lead
    • Junior leader understand what is in their decision making authority
    • Tactical leader execute with confidence
  • Because of decentralized command, simplicity is important!


  • Plan
    • Clear understandin of mission
    • Course of action – alternatives and determine one 
    • Senior leader – not bogged down to detail to ensure strategic objective
    • Once detailed plan, brief to entire team


  • Leading down the chain
    • Pass senior leader insight into junior team-members
  • Leading up the chain
    • Push situational awareness up the chain of command
    • Navigate the bureaucracy


  • Decision under uncertainty – never complete picture


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