[Dec/2022-Archive-March/2022 | RE] How to make it big as a real estate agent – Mark Ferguson

Chap 1

  • Diff ways RE Agent make money
    • Buyer Agent
    • Seller Agent
      • Generate buyer leads from listing
    • Corporate seller
    • REO agent (foreclosure)
    • Short sale agent – lots of paperwork & slow
    • BPO tasks – heard of someone making $50K per year, not bad
    • PM
    • Commercial RE
    • Running real-estate team
      • Getting PnL-cut from agents
      • Buyer lead is crucial – author generate buyer leads via REO listing (and other techniques) 
  • Author’s team composition
    • Profit cut – 70% to agent if it’s agents’ own leads, 50% if leads author provide


Chap 2

  • Author made $40K first year with a lot of help


Chap 5

  • Zillow listing agent vs. affiliated agent LOL

Chap 6

  • You can buy your own E&O insurance (as agent)

Chap 12

  • Channel account – big listers (i.e. REO banks)
    • Builders, relocation companies, REO companies

Chap 18

  • Realtor vs. Agent, being realtor is expensive (~$500 per year in Colorado)
    • Some MLS board require being a realtor 

Chap 19

  • Zillow / Trulia
    • Trulia leads seems lower quality  than Zillow per author, but online leads has low quality in general due to low loyalty 
  • Better quality leads from FB Ads/Google PPC + own website
    • Attract people searching for houses to your site
    • Blog 引流per author
  • Listing is magnet (good priced listing) for buyers
  • Craigslist

Chap 25 REO Agent

Chap 26 BPO

  • Author able to do it in 20-30min for reports
  • Author able to complete 1K BPO a year

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